Stillwater Ranch Kennel is pleased to announce that we are officially taking on client dogs for training! Lindsey has been training the family dogs, rescue dogs, and dogs for friends and family since she was young. 
She is specializing in reactive herding breed type dogs, pet obedience training, and puppy socalization. 


Board and train: $100/day (3 week minimum). This typically includes behavior modification, boundary setting, weekly lessons with the owners starting week 2 of training.

Puppy socialization board and train: $80/day. Includes exposure to other dogs, crate training, potty training, safe public outings, exposure to other puppies, leash training, beginning sit and down, starting place. 

Puppy Primer Training (Only available to Stillwater Ranch Kennel Puppies that are under 16 weeks): includes a
 4 weeks intensive training covering leash walking, crate training, house to outside potty training, night time crate training, beginning recall, exposure to additional dogs, safe outings, traveling in a car, and they continue to get their appropriate vaccinations until they go home. $1600/ 4 weeks with twice a week updates. 

Canine Good Citizen evaluations: $20/evaluation 

Trick dog evaluation: $10/evaluation for video evaluations 
$20/evaluation for in person