Dinnertime At Stillwater Ranch 

Most of a dog's nutrition, just like people, should come directly from their food. We feed Purina Pro-plan, and our dogs are doing great on it! We do supplement our kibble with Raw, raw bones, and our puppers get mint-activated-charcoal bones to help keep their teeth shiny white or Purina denta-life chews depending on the day.  
Sometimes, again just like people, a dog needs an extra boost to be in optimal condition. So our dogs are additionally getting Winpro immunity chews. I've seen a rapid improvement in underweight dogs gaining weight then staying at a good weigh, better and softer coats, and overall better health in our dogs, especially the ones who travel and show with us, since starting using Winpro Immunity chews.
We were so impressed with Immunity, that we tried Mobility on one of our very old family dogs, and it has definitely helped her move better and be more active even with her arthritis. 
Stillwater Ranch Kenel has always been a firm believer that what we feed our dogs has a direct correlation to their overall health. They have always been fed with quality kibble, and supplemental raw food and meat based treats, but when something as good as Winpro drops into our lap, we are not above trying it. So we tried Winpro immunity and we liked it! So here is our recommendation to you!
Winpro supplements are high quality and effective. They are Made in the USA (which is a huge bonus as far as we are concerned!)
From their website: "WINPRO is the first and only to use the proven power of K-Thrive™—a unique blend of animal blood proteins. These powerful proteins have the ability to break the typical cycle where environmental stress often leads to unhealthy inflammation in canine athletes. Because the proteins stay inside the dog’s gut, they actively work to maintain strong immunity while also helping to prevent inflammation—the culprit for many health issues."

Stillwater Ranch Aussies has chosen to use Immunity and Mobility from Winpro and has seen an even better performance quality and body condition in our dogs. We are very pleased with Winpro as a company, and with our Winpro products. 
Link to their website: https://winpropet.com?rfsn=1034248.8b8d76
Discount code: STILLWATER5 gets you 15% off of your first Winpro order! 
As a breeder, I like sharing some of my favorite companies with you in addition to some of our favorite products.
Let's talk about Farm Hounds: we order quite a lot of our treats from Farm Hounds. Why? 
1) All of their treats and chews are sourced in the USA
2) They work with local farmers who strive to go above the required standard of care for their livestock. 
3) The livestock used for the chews and treats are ethically and humanely raised and treated
This is a discount code to get you $20 off your first order of $50 or more with this company 

Some of our other favorite things 

For the last several years I've spent time sending links to exact products I use with the dogs to new puppy owners! To simplify this process, Stillwater Ranch Kennel has become an Amazon associate and does make a small commission from qualifying Amazon purchases if ordered through one of our links. It does not cost more to you, and it keeps links to things we regularly use on our website for you, our puppy owners, to have access to! Almost everything on this list is from my Amazon list and order history. 
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