No puppies on this page? Email us about our waitlist! The waitlist is open. 

Our next litter is here but in hiding until they are a little older.

Prices will be $2500-3500 on pet contracts. 
(If you want breeding rights you either need to be experienced and knowledgable in the breed or be willing to be mentored and compete with our puppy) 

If you are an AKC Junior or 4H member local to us (in California) please talk to us! We love our juniors and getting young people started in the world of canine sports :)

Waitlist requirements: Phone interview and deposit. We do reserve the right to decline giving a puppy for any reason. Please give us 48 hours to get back to you. Messaging us through the website or calling is usually the fastest way to get ahold of us. 

If you are wanting on the waitlist, we will take color and gender preferences into consideration, but please note that we do not allow pups to be specifically chosen until 8-10 weeks old after personality and temperament evaluations. Puppies will be placed on this criteria. Deposits are transferable between litters for 2 years but they are non-refundable.  

Before you take your puppy home, We will have worked on litter box method of potty training, sound/noise/startle recovery, bite aversion, and the very beginnings of introduction to crate training. 

We are now beginning to offer "Puppy Primer Training" which includes a 4 weeks intensive covering leash walking, crate training, house to outside potty training, night time crate training, beginning recall, and they continue to get their appropriate vaccinations until they go home. For more details, check our training page. The "Puppy Primer Training" is not included in the cost of a puppy. 

Black Tri Female 
Born August 20, 2021
One Blue eye
Medium drive